Promoting Inclusion: Empowering Classroom Engagement

Newsletters are essential for engaging parents with regular updates in Schoolze. However, our commitment to inclusivity prompts us to constantly seek improvement. Allow us to share a heartwarming story that ignited our journey toward a more inclusive approach.

Inclusion: A Key Priority for Classroom Engagement

Inclusive Communication: Bridging Language Barriers In a Schoolze classroom back in 2016, a Middle Eastern parent faced significant challenges due to language barriers, limiting their engagement with the platform. To address this issue, we introduced a translation feature that supports over 90 languages—an instant hit among parents! This feature not only provided practicality but also allowed parents to enjoy exploring newsletters in their preferred language.

The Power of Inclusive Communication:

The introduction of the translation feature brought immense relief to families like the one mentioned earlier. It bridged the communication gap between teachers and parents, empowering them to directly engage with the information shared. This breakthrough created a stronger connection between the school and home environment, fostering a collaborative educational experience.

Expanding Inclusivity:

Text-to-Audio Enhancement Inspired by valuable user feedback, we embarked on further enhancements to our inclusive approach. In a nearby school district, we encountered numerous parents who were recent immigrants and fluent in spoken Spanish but faced difficulties with reading in any language. Their experiences motivated us to experiment with a text-to-audio feature. We’re excited to announce the successful implementation of a beta version, enabling Schoolze newsletters to be read aloud in multiple languages and voices. Soon, parents will have access to newsletters in approximately 13 languages, complementing our existing translation capabilities.

The Impact of Inclusivity:

Empowering Parental Engagement We feel fortunate to witness the positive impact our efforts have had on thousands of parents, empowering them to become actively engaged in their children’s education. Through enhanced inclusivity, parents have emerged as vital partners in the educational journey of their children, driving positive outcomes.

Continued Commitment:

The Journey Ahead However, our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond these accomplishments. We are dedicated to continually exploring educational research and implementing features that directly benefit classroom families. By fostering an inclusive environment, we aim to create a sense of belonging for all parents and ensure their voices are heard.

Share Your Insights:

Your Feedback Matters We value your feedback as a Schoolze user. If you have any suggestions on areas where we can further improve, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us here or via email at Your input is invaluable in refining our system and making it even more impactful for you and your child’s educational experience.


In conclusion, inclusivity lies at the core of our mission at Schoolze. We believe that by embracing diversity and implementing inclusive practices, we can foster an educational environment where every parent feels valued and empowered. Together, let us continue to work towards creating a future where parental engagement is not just a possibility but a reality in every classroom.

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