What’s new in MS Project 2007

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The Microsoft Office Project 2007 family of products provides a range of tools to support variety of approaches to work management and business goals.  Office Project 2007 addresses the needs of sophisticated project management organizations that require centralized and strategic financial control in addition to support for rigorous project management methodologies.

The Office Project 2007 family includes the Project client applications, Project Server, the client and server APIs, and the necessary infrastructure such as Microsoft SQL Server and Windows SharePoint Services.

Here are several new features in the tool from its predecessor

Multilevel Undo

  • Unlimited levels of the Undo command with Easy-to-use drop-down list of Undo actions, to allow what-if experimentation with scheduling changes
  • Programmable model to allow undo use by add-ins

Visual Reports

  • Easily export Project data to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office Visio 2007 to produce charts, graphs, and diagrams of things such as resource allocation or project status against plan
  • Define custom report templates to share with other Project users
  • These templates and reports can be previewed from a dialog box in Project
  • Publish report templates to shared folders and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Change Highlighting

  • Highlights changes to a schedule that have been caused by Project calculations
  • Visible indicators provided for all tasks affected by calculations

Task Drivers

  • Provides quick access to factors that affect task dates
  • Enables easy browsing of the critical path in a project plan

Cost resources

  • New resource type
  • Enables multiple planned and actual costs to be defined by task across time
  • Supports integration with accounting systems
  • Custom fields can be rolled down to the assignment level to allow better task reports of costs in a given cost center, type, or category


  • Defines a budget at a high level (program or project) so that the project manager can allocate funds and track costs against the budget
  • Supports budget variance reporting


  • Named calendar exceptions
  • Definition of recurring exceptions and different work weeks
  • Arabic calendar support

Calendar View enhancements

  • Updated look and feel familiar for Office users
  • Supports daily, weekly, and monthly views
  • Monthly preview pane puts schedule in context

Gantt chart view enhancements

  • 3-D texturing of Gantt bars supported
  • Enables you to call out important dates, costs or tasks by changing the background color of cells in the table portion of the view
  • Enables you to highlight categories of cells, such as critical tasks, external tasks, highlighted tasks, marked tasks, noncritical tasks, milestone tasks, summary tasks, and changed cells

Desktop OLAP cube

  • Create customer reports or archive Project values with data exported from Project into an Access database and OLAP cubes
  • Five cubes are generated:
  1. task time-phased
  2. task non-timephased
  3. resource timephased
  4. resource non-timephased
  5. assignment timephase


Multi-Value custom fields

  • Custom fields support multiple value selections

Over 25 new templates, including:

  • Annual report
  • Hiring forecast
  • HRIS implementation
  • Marketing event planning and execution
  • Performance reviews
  • Strategic merger or acquisition evaluation
  • Vendor evaluation and consolidation
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Internal readiness training
  • ISO 9001 management review

All in all, a feature rich release of project which, if mastered, could help project managers breeze through scheduling challenges if used to its full potential.

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