Content specific Adsense in First Post – DASBlog!!!

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I have recently moved my blog from community server to dasBlog. While setting up google Adsense ads on the site, I was caught up in a specific requirement as in where to put the ads. Google suggests that for high CTR ratio, ads should be placed just above the content and this left me searching for ways to put adsense in start of First Post’s body content.

A simple way to implement this was modify your latest post every time you write a post … cumbersome huh?? Not only cumbersome, this also invalidates your RSS as the feeds doesn’t allow <_script_> tag in the XML. Looked around little more thinking that I might not be the first one having this kinda requirement …but to my disappointment, I couldn’t find any such generic way to achieve this…

finally this is what I used as a workaround…I don’t claim that this is the best possible way to do it but given my

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